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January 16, 2019


For purposes of accountability and tracking, here is our tickler list of the issues and / or concerns for Crestwood, ANC SMD 4A08:

  1. Crime, break-ins, thefts from cars and thefts of packages from porches;

  2. PEPCO power outages

  3. Sink Hole across from 1755 Crestwood Drive in Rock Creek Park, that grows with each month;

  4. Transportation Options for the installation of the Blagden Avenue sidewalk – still awaiting the revised DDOT Notice of Intent;

  5. Notice of Intent regarding traffic safety installation at 16 th and Buchanan;

  6. Hazardous road conditions and overdue repairs for Broad Branch Road;

  7. Street repairs and potholes;

  8. Objected to DDOT’s dictating, to residents, the placement of canopy trees. We share the interest in restoring the tree canopy, but we object to the way that DDOT is forcing trees, that are not native, on residents – we ask the city to work with our 4A08 Green Team;

  9. Request for closing of alley access near 18 th and Allison Street – due to safety concerns and we request for a camera, if feasible;

  10. Carter Barron storm water issues and any development issues;

  11. Dangerous intersection, overgrown Cypress trees, blocking visibility, and potential threat to young children at play at the intersection of Shepherd and Upshur Streets;

  12. Continued request for a four-way stop at 17 th and Varnum Streets, NW;

  13. No action on request for consistent parking restrictions along 18 th Street;

  14. Unlawful construction without the appropriate permits along 18 th Street;

  15. Seniors, Aging-in-Place initiative for an age-friendly neighborhood (working with CCA and volunteer team for older residents/ tax & foreclosure issues);

  16. Invasive plants, like on the 1900 block of Shepherd, clearing them;

  17. Raised a concern about stop sign fines (Blagden and Allison) and requested more information on the accuracy of the camera;

  18. Noted the upsurge in graffiti in Rock Creek Park under the bridges;

  19. ANC 4A resolution re Air BNB issues – zoning enforcement;

  20. Rehabilitation 16 th Street Bridge over Piney Branch Parkway ;

  21. Keeping Deal and Wilson as the neighborhood-serving schools currently serving 4A08 families, along with other preferred charters /DCPS schools;

  22. Beginning discussions on redistricting issues and Foreign Mission Center/Chanceries;

  23. Plans for a tot lot for SMD 4A08;

  24. Bike Share addition; and

  25. Preserving our public health, welfare and neighborhood character.

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