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PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, §48, page 468, the minutes of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A are a record of the actions taken by the Commission, not a record of what people said during the meeting. Accordingly, comments made by commissioners or members of the public will not be recorded in detail in the minutes.

The meeting was held virtually through WebEx. Vice Chair Green called the meeting to order at around 7:05 pm. A quorum was present, including the following Commissioners:

• Phyllis Green, 4A01
• Stacey Lincoln, 4A02
• Stephen Whatley, 4A03
• Patience Singleton 4A04
• Carolyn C. Steptoe, 4A05
• Candace Nelson, 4A06
• Marlene Moss, 4A07
• Pavan Khoobchandani, 4A08

1. Approval of Administrative Matters (Agenda, Minutes, and Consent Agenda)
a. Approval of the agenda as amended was moved by Commissioner Whatley and seconded by Commissioner Nelson. Approved without objection.

b. Approval of the December 2020 minutes as amended was moved by Commissioner Whatley and seconded by Commissioner Khoobchandani. Approved 8 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions

c. Officer Elections
i. Chair – Commissioner Patience Singleton (5-3)
ii. Vice Chair – Commissioner Candace Tiana Nelson by acclamation
iii. Secretary – Commissioner Pavan Khoobchandani by acclamation
iv. Treasurer – Commissioner Stephen Whatley by acclamation

d. Consent Calendar (Approved 8 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions)
i. Resolution 4A-01-05-21-01 Establishment of ANC 4A Regularly Scheduled Meetings
ii. Resolution 4A-01-05-21-02 – 4A Participation in the ANC Security Fund

2. Community concerns - Residents raised community concerns, including:
a. Resident access to renter assistant funds needed due to pandemic
b. Erica Carlsson of DDOE spoke about the Fort Stevens Recreation Center Stormwater Project

3. Non-Consent Calendar Resolutions and Letters:

a. None

4. Presentations and Reports

a. Captain Porter gave the report for the Metropolitan Police Department, Fourth District, and reported on current law enforcement issues in ANC 4A. Key points were that almost 90% of stolen vehicles in 2020 were stolen while the car was running and the driver stepped out.
b. Yamileth Escobar representing the office of the Mayor spoke of how residents can schedule their COVID-19 vaccine.
c. New Councilmember Janeese Lewis George introduced members of her team and mentioned an upcoming Ward 4 town hall specifically for seniors to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine.
d. State Board of Education Ward 4 Representative Frazier O’Leary spoke on school/education issues. He also discussed DC’s purchase of the former LAMB charter school on Military Road and the proposed use of the building for Lafayette Elementary School Pre-k program.
e. Mark Pattison, secretary of the Friends of the Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Library presented an opposition to DC’s plan to close the library.

Chair Singleton moved that the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by Commissioner Steptoe and passed without objection.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.59 PM.

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