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PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, §48, page 468, the minutes of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A are a record of the actions taken by the Commission, not a record of what people said during the meeting. Accordingly, comments made by commissioners or members of the public will not be recorded in detail in
the minutes.

The meeting was held in the community meeting room, Metropolitan Police Department
Fourth District Headquarters, 6001 Georgia Avenue N.W. Commissioner Gale Black,
Chair (and ANC 4A03) called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Also present were
Commissioners 4A01 Phyllis Green, 4A02 Stacey Lincoln, 4A03 Stephen Whatley ,
4A04 Patience Singleton, and 4A06 Candace Nelson. A quorum was present for all

1. Approval of the Agenda

Commissioner Green moved to approve the agenda. Commissioner Singleton
seconded the motion . The motion was adopted 6 yes, 0 no.

2. Resolution: District Department of Transportation: Notice of Intent re 16th
Street NW and Buchanan Street NW Intersection (15 minutes)
Commissioner Black moved that the Commission adopt a resolution making
recommendations regarding installation of a signal at the intersection of 16th Street NW
and Buchanan Street NW. Commissioner Whatley seconded the motion . The motion
was adopted unanimously , 6 yes, 0 no.

The adopted resolution:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A ("ANC 4A " or "the Commission ') takes note of the

• The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has provided the ANC 4A public
notice of its inten t to implement a modification to the traffic requirements ;

• Specifically , an independent determination has been made by the DDOT / Traffic
Engineering and Signals Division to install and operate a High Intensity Activa ted
Crosswalk (HA WK) signal at the intersection of 16th Street and Buchanan Street, N. W;

• The identified location on the west side falls within ANC SMD 4A08 and in ANC
4C03 on the east side ;

• The proposed new HA WK signal will be timed to operate in harmony with
adjacent traffic signals on the 16th Street corridor to minimize disruptions to through
traffic ;

• We have been informed that the proposed work also includes reconstruction of
Americans with Disabilities ramps and the upgrading of the streetlights ;

• The Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) are the body of government with
the closest ties to the people and are expected to advise the city on issues including
zoning , public health and safety , economic development , taxes, transportation and
infrastructure issues;

• This Commission represents collectively thousands of residents in several Ward 4
neighborhoods , including Brightwood, Colonial Village , Crestwood , North Portal Estates ,
Shepherd Park , and 16th Street Heights;

• The Commission has many single-family , residential (non-commercial) blocks ; and
compliance with the public safety laws protecting the residents and families is of great
importance to our quality of life;

• ANC 4A has participated in the Rock Creek East Livability Study and supported
the traffic calming final recommendations , including the installation of a Blagden Avenue
Slow Zone and safety measures for 16th and Buchanan;

• Residents in ANC SMD 4A08 have voiced support for the installation of the HAWK
signal at 16th and Buchanan Streets, N. W;

• DDOT is asking for our comments which must be filed in writing by Tuesday ,
February 26, 2019 with DDOT , Traffic Engineering and Signals Division at 55 M Street,
S.E. Washington , D.C. 20003 ;


That Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A recommends that DDOT ensure that
the placement of the signal does not create a new safety hazard for pedestrians from
traffic that may try to go around any buses stopped at the same location - move the bus
stop south of the street signal;

That Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A otherwise supports the objectives of
the NOI 19-06-TESD "Installation of the HAWK signal;


That Commissioner Gale Black, ANC 4A08 , (Chair of ANC 4A) is hereby authorized to
serve as the Commission 's representative.


Consistent with DC Code § 1-309, only actions of the full Commission voting in a
properly noticed public meeting have standing and carry great weight. The actions,
positions and opinions of individual commissioners, insofar as they may be
contradictory to or otherwise inconsistent with the expressed position of the full
Commission in a properly adopted resolution or letter, have no standing and cannot be
considered as in any way associated with the Commission.

3. Presentations and Reports

a) Capt. Franklin Porter, Metropolitan Police Department, Fourth District, reported
on current crimes and law enforcement issues in ANC 4A.

b) Ms. Gabrielle Priest, Executive Office of the Mayor, gave a report on current
issues and concerns being addressed by the Mayor.

c) Ms. Sheryl Newman, representing Councilmember Todd, gave an update on
issues of concern to Ward 4.

d) Mr. Ted Lofland, President, Eastern Division, Safeway Stores, and Mr. Ed
Tippett, Manager of the Safeway Store located at 6500 Piney Branch Road NW,
presented information regarding the condition of the Safeway Store located at 6500
Piney Branch Road NW and plans to improve infrastructure and customer service.

e) Ms. Celeste Duffy, Department of Public Works, presented information regarding
snow events, trash collection, a program to assist seniors with snow removal, and
extending Christmas tree collection.

f) Ms. Chauncee Lundy, District Department of Transportation, announced and
presented information about the Liveability Study.

Commissioner Nelson moved that the meeting be adjourned. Commissioner Whatley
seconded the motion . The motion was adopted unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


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