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Minutes – Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A

March 7, 2017 Regular Public Meeting

The meeting was held in the Community Meeting Room, Metropolitan Police 4th District Headquarters, 6001 Georgia Avenue N.W. Commissioner Stephen Whatley, Chair (and ANC 4A01) called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM. Also present were Commissioners 4A01 Phyllis Green, 4A02 Stacey Lincoln, 4A04 Patience Singleton, 4A05 Deborah Pope, 4A06 Karrye Braxton, 4A07 Dave Wilson and 4A08 Gale Black. A quorum was present for all votes.

1) Approval of the Agenda

Commissioner Whatley moved to approve the agenda. Commissioner Braxton seconded the motion. The motion was approved, 8 yes, 0 no.

2) Resolution: LAMB School Parking Restriction

Following a presentation from representatives of the Latin American Montessori Public Charter School, Commissioner Braxton moved that the Commission adopt a resolution making recommendations regarding changes in parking restrictions at the school. Commissioner Wilson seconded the motion. The motion was adopted, 5 yes, 0 no, 3 abstain.

The adopted resolution:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A (the Commission) takes note of the following:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) was contacted by the Latin American Montessori Public Charter School (LAMB) regarding providing a safe pickup and drop-off area for students attending their facility.

As a result, DDOT has issued a notice of intent to modify existing traffic regulations at the Latin American Montessori Public Charter School as follows:

Removing the School Hours One-way southbound traffic pattern from 13th Place N.W. between the adjacent alley and Peabody Street N.W.

Removing School Hours One-Way northbound traffic pattern for the alley located between 13th Place and Peabody Street N.W. However, a Do Not Enter 7:00 to 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday will remain in order to minimize conflicts with school drop-off and pick-up.

The existing two-way traffic pattern for both the street and the alley will be in effect at all times. Only access to the alley will be restricted during the above-specified hours.

These regulations are pursuant to the goal of enhancing overall safety of children travelling to and from the Latin American Montessori Public Charter School.
Commissioner Karrye Braxton, ANC 4A06, visited the site on the morning of February 21, 2017 to observe the issues involved with the traffic patterns and the parking (legal and illegal) as well as drivers leaving their vehicles, which the posted signs also prohibit.


Ø That Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A recommends approval of removal of the School Hours One-Way southbound and northbound traffic pattern from 13th Place N.W. between the adjacent alley and Peabody Street N.W.

Ø That the Commission recommends that the DO NOT ENTER 7 AM to 9 AM AND 3 PM TO 6 PM sign be augmented with the following wording: ‘EXCEPT FOR SCHOOL PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF.” While that sign might seem too busy with words, this will affirm the drivers who are indeed dropping off or picking up and will empower the students to know their parents are doing the right thing.


That Commissioner Karrye Braxton, SMD 4A06, is hereby authorized to serve as the Commission’s representative regarding this resolution.


That, in the event the designated representative Commissioner cannot carry out her representative duties for any reason, the Commission authorizes the Chairperson to designate another Commissioner to represent the Commission relating to this resolution.

4) AT&T request for modification to its antenna at 4300 16th Street, NW

Commissioner Black presented information about AT&T’s pending application to the Historic Preservation Review Board to make modifications to its cellphone antennas in the tower of Grace Lutheran Church at 4300 16th Street N.W. She asked that this matter be on the April 4, 2017 public meeting agenda.

5) Ward Four Liquor License Moratorium

Commissioner Whatley presented the results of a survey he and Commissioner Lincoln had conducted regarding modification of the Ward Four liquor license moratorium. The proposed modification would permit full-service grocery stores in ANC 4A02 and ANC 4A03 to sell beer and wine only. Otherwise the modification would remain in effect. Commissioner Whatley reported that a very large majority of respondents supported the proposed modification. A discussion and comments from Commissioners and the public followed.

Community Comments and Concerns

1) Ms. Cheryl Hamlin Freeman said she’s concerned about the impact of the Jamal’s Gateway DC development on traffic and increased traffic congestion at the intersection of Georgia Avenue NW and Kalmia Road NW.

2) Ms. Naima Jefferson said that there needs to be more transparency about the Walter Reed development, especially regarding the impact of increased traffic on Shepherd Park and the widening of roads.

3) Mr. Charles Enos, US State Department, gave an update on the development of the Foreign Missions Center on the Walter Reed campus.

4) Ms. Caroline Cragin, Community Mediation DC, provided information about the free mediation services provided by her non-profit organization, and said they were working to bring their services into D.C.

5) Mr. Merrit Drucker, 4A02, discussed the need for the City Council to pass legislation to solve the problem of PEPCO double utility poles throughout D.C. He asked for the Commission’s support.

6) Ms. Naima Jefferson asked that the Commission ask the Department of Parks and Recreation to do a master plan that includes the Walter Reed site for recreational programs and opportunities. She asked that the Commission develop a resolution on the subject.

Presentations and Reports

1) Captain Juanita Mitchell, MPD, Ward 4 Sector II, PSA 404 and 403, presented information on the sector concept and how it works.

2) Mr. Jeremiah Lowery, Chesapeake Climate Change Action Network, presented information about his organization’s programs and projects regarding environmental issues.

3) Ethel Taylor, the owner of DoggieWasherette, located on Georgia Avenue, wants to relocate her business to her home at 2130 Sudbury Lane N.W. in Commissioner Green’s single-member district due to her husband’s illness. She has the support of her neighbors and she has filed an application for a special exception from the zoning regulations with the Board of Zoning Adjustment. She asked the Commission for its support. Commissioner Green moved that the Commission support the application and send a letter of support to the Board of Zoning Adjustment. Commissioner Wilson seconded the motion. The motion was adopted unanimously, 8 yes, 0 no.

4) Mr. Charles Weinstien, Children’s National Medical Center, presented information on the development of their new facility on the Walter Reed campus.

5) Mr. Philipp McCauley, Executive Office of the Mayor, gave a report on current issues and projects of concern to the Mayor’s office.

6) Ms. Sherryl Newman, Chief of Staff, Ward Four Councilmember Brandon Todd, reported on current issues and projects of concern to the Councilmember.

7) Commissioner Whatley moved that consideration of the February b7, 2017 public meeting minutes be postponed to the April 4, 2017 meeting. Commissioner Lincoln seconded the motion. The motion was adopted, 8 yes, 0 no.

Commissioner Whatley moved that the meeting be adjourned. Commission Black seconded the motion. The motion was adopted, 8 yes, 0 no.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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