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Location: Ft. Stevens Recreation Center, 1327 Van Buren Street, NW, Washington, DC

Commissioners Present: Anderson (SMD 4A01), Toliver (SMD 4A02), Whatley (SMD 4A03), Singleton (SMD 4A04), Braxton (SMD 4A06), Wilson (SMD 4A 07), and Black (SMD 4A08). Absent: Worthy (SMD 4A05).

Approximately 25 community members attended the meeting.


1. Call to Order and Commissioner Introductions. At 7:08 pm, Chair Whatley called the meeting to order, requested proper decorum and civility of all meeting participants, explained the procedures for ANC 4A's meetings, then requested that the Commissioners present identify themselves.

2. Ouorum. With 7 Commissioners present, a quorum was established.


1. Agenda. Chairman Whatley requested that the Commissioners review the agenda and provide their comments. Commissioner Black moved to change the order of the agenda to provide for an earlier discussion of the zoning regulations. It was seconded by Commissioner Braxton. Commissioner Black moved to approve the consent agenda (Handicapped parking meters on Georgia Avenue near Missouri, 14th Street Bus resolution). After Commissioners discussed, reordered and deleted certain agenda items, Commissioner Braxton moved to approve the agenda, as amended; Commissioner Whatley seconded the motion. The Commissioners unanimously approved the meeting agenda.

2. Next Meeting — November 3rd — Brightwood Education Campus


1. Serve DC Snow Teams. Alice King (Mayor's Office) requested volunteers for the winter snow team. Volunteers help to shovel snow for elderly residents. Three recruitment meeting schedules (October 14, November, December). Residents were invited register online.

2. Roz Hall. Ward 5 resident informed attendees of the senior property tax deferral program. Complained that few residents know of the benefit and urged city to do more to inform citizens of the program. He also raised an issue regarding DC Water. Commissioner Whatley indicated that DCWASA would be present at the November ANC4A meeting.

3. Doris Dutch (Resident of ANC 4). Raised concerns about broken and neglected sidewalk curbs on the 1300 block of Van Buren. She complained that city has not come out to address this safety issue. Commissioners Whatley and Singleton agreed to follow up.


1. Zoning Regulations. Commissioner Black presented, for commission approval, a resolution opposing the recent zoning regulation rewrite. During her presentation, Commissioner Black mentioned that it was an extensive rewrite that involved numerous changes that could have negative consequences for residents in ANC 4A. She cited 175 new "by right residential uses," including commercial businesses, increased density, expanded rights for corner stores, accessory apartments, alley uses, etc. Commissioner Black moved to have the resolution and addendum approved. Commissioner Anderson seconded. Commissioner Wilson, Braxton, and Toliver opposed the resolution as drafted. Opposition primarily centered on the resolution's density discussion they support increased density in ANC 4A — and the perceived over-inclusiveness of the resolution. Commissioner Singleton supported to resolution and noted that neighborhoods such as Forest Hills have obtained exemptions from the zoning changes. Commissioner Black reminded the Commission of the need to balance property rights in 4A with the desire to increase density, etc. envisioned by the new zoning regulations. Resident Anne Gilyard opposed the zoning changes. Resident Doris Dutch opposed certain aspects of the rewrite but supported corner stores. After considerable discussion, including a proposal to table the issue, Commissioner Black agreed to accept written changes from Commissioners in order to obtain Commission support. Commissioner Braxton struck language regarding opposition to increased density. Commissioner Wilson revised language relating to { ]. Commissioner Black moved to approve the resolution opposing the zoning commission recommendation and the addendum. Commissioner Anderson seconded. Motioned carried 6 to 1. Commissioners Anderson, Whatley, Singleton, Braxton, Wilson and Braxton supported. Commissioner Toliver opposed.

2. Whole Foods. Scott Allshouse, Regional President (and managers from the four stores in Washington, DC) appeared on behalf of the Whole Foods, which is interested in having a site at the Walter Reed facility. They said that they were interested in building a store at the Walter Reed site and were negotiating with Hines. They said that there were still a lot of details to be worked out. They indicated that the stores provide high quality products and invests in the communities where their stores are located. Whole Foods regularly donates 5% of sales back into communities, make food donations, and utilizes local suppliers (nearly 800 within 100 miles of DC). Whole Foods provided snacks for attendees and offered trick or treat bags filled with locally produced items).

3. Questions. Resident James Harvey asked about the high cost of Whole Food products and whether people in the neighborhood would be able to afford the prices. Whole Foods indicated that they have items at all price points and particularly noted that the cost of organic items was decreasing. Resident Douglas Stalworth asked whether Whole Foods was concerned that new stores could cannibalize existing stores in DC and Silver Spring. Whole Foods noted that many of the shoppers at their other locations live in ANC 4A and anticipated that an additional store would relieve some of the congestion, particularly at the Silver Spring and P Street locations. Resident Minna Williams asked if Whole Foods

was working with a particular developer. Whole Foods reminded the audience that Hines (the developer) will select the grocer. Resident Annie Whatley asked about the size of the store. Whole Foods answered that the P Street store is the largest in DC with 30,000 sq. ft. The store at Walter Reed would be larger (in the neighborhood of 50,000 sq. ft.). Commissioner Wilson requested information on recruiting workers from the neighborhood. Whole Food mentioned that its practice in DC is hire locally and referenced the managers in attendance. Commissioner Whatley indicated that in the coming months, ANC4A would vote to recommend the selection of either Whole Foods or Wegman's.

4. Mi Casa presentation. Representatives from Mi Casa requested an ANC4A support letter for a loan for the 5610 Colorado Avenue Cooperative. The Coop is requesting $2 million from DHCD for 36 unit affordable housing. Commissioner Wilson moved that the commission approve and draft a letter. Commissioner Singleton seconded the motion. Motion approved by voice vote.

5. 16th Street NW transit priority study. Megan Kenagy from DDOT presented on the planning study proposal to improve transit performance and reliability for 16th Street from Arkansas to H Street. Four pop-up events over the next few weeks are expected. DDOT is soliciting comments on the draft by October 21. Selection of the preferred alternative expected in January 2016.

6. Questions. Resident Doris Dutch asked if WMATA had already conducted a study. WMATA conducted a study a number of years ago. Commissioner Wilson asked about the effectiveness of dedicated towing. Commissioner Singleton reiterated the need for regular towing along 16th street during rush hour. DDOT indicated that the agency is exploring a number of options, including mounting cameras on metro buses to take pictures and automatically issue parking tickets to violators. Commissioner Black asked about alternatives 2 and 3 on the draft chart. Commissioner Whatley asked if DDOT wanted a resolution. DDOT indicated that it was not requesting a resolution at this time.

7. Councilman Brandon Todd. Discussed legislation to provide tax incentives in the form of rebates for purchase of security cameras (intended to help deter and aid in the solving of crimes). He also mentioned that the council voted on a plan to supplement FEMS call capability and service by utilizing a contracted third party vendor (1 year program). The Councilman mentioned that he has introduced four bills involving the following issues: senior legal clinic, Kennedy Street revitalization committee, renaming of Emory Recreation Center, and disposition of Walter Reed.

8. le Street Bus resolution. Commissioner Braxton moved to approve resolution supporting an express bus along 14th street. Commissioner Wilson seconded. Approve by voice vote.

9. Handicapped meters along Georgia Avenue. Commissioners Braxton requested a support letter for the parking meters installed on Georgia Avenue across from Walmart. She indicated that she had received revisions from Commissioner Toliver regarding the proposed support letter. Commissioner Singleton indicated she also submitted changes and that her support was contingent upon including language limiting ANC4A support to parking only for those vehicles displaying disabled or elderly tags or placards issued by a governmental entity. After agreeing to incorporate the changes, Commissioner Braxton moved to approve the

letter. Commissioner Wilson seconded the motioned. Motion approved by voice vote.

10. MISU. Owner of MISU salon, Tya Blout, introduced herself and invited residents to patronize her new business located at 7619A Georgia Avenue NW. MISU offers make-up artistry and skin care services.

11. Adjourn. Commissioner Whatley moved to adjourn the meeting; Commissioner Singleton seconded the motion. Motion unanimously passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Patience Singleton, SMD 4A04

For Secretary

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