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MINUTES of June 4, 2013 ANC 4A MEETING

Fort Stevens Recreation Center, Van Buren and 13th Streets, NW, Washington, DC

Meeting called to order by Commissioner Toliver at 7:18 PM.

Commissioners Black (4A08), Wilson (4A07), Toliver (4A02), Braxton (4A06), Anderson (4A01), Mitchell (4A05), Whatley (4A03) and Wilson (4A08) were in attendance.

Approximately 35 persons were in attendance from the community.


a. Approval of May 2013 minutes tabled.

b. Chair’s Report

i. Council Hearings. Commissioner Toliver provided a written and oral summary of legislative hearings that might be of particular interest to the community as well as the District Government website.

ii. Emergency Issues

iii. ANC 4A office set up. Commissioner Toliver moved for approval of monthly office cleaning services by an independent cleaning company. Commissioners approved payment of monthly cleaning bill of $95 for office cleaning services. Commissioner Toliver has already paid the cleaning bills for the two prior months and requested approval of payment of such bills and future, ANC 4A office cleaning bills. Seconded by Commissioner Wilson. Motions passed.

c. Budget. Financial Report


a. Budget statements

b. Tim Shuy – Current President, Shepherd Park Citizens Association (“SPCA”), spoke of upcoming community events sponsored by SPCA.

i. Yard Sale. Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, North Portal Estates. 9am – 3pm. SPCA website is

ii. June 23, 2013 Community Picnic

c. Mark Pattison – Current President, Shepherd Elementary School PTA, presented an update on key events/projects at the school and announced the upcoming School Improvement Team meeting at Shepherd Park Elementary on Tuesday, June 11 at 6pm.


a. Mayor’s Office Keith Holman, Office of Neighborhood Engagement, provided his contact information, i.e., telephone: 202-340-7853; email, and addressed the following:

i. Hattie Holmes Wellness Center event on Thursday, June 6;

ii. 16th Street median upkeep;

iii. Fern, 12th/Alaska, Geranium;

iv. Georgia Avenue improvement – great streets;

v. 7608 Alaska Avenue vacant lot; and

vi. Tree stump removal.

b. Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s Office, Joy Holland, Chief of Staff, provided information on the following: –.

i. “Kids Ride Free” legislation;

ii. Family Fun Day. June 15, 2013 Location TBD; and

iii. Gay Pride Parade, Saturday, June 8 at 4:30pm, at 22nd and P Streets, NW.

c. Douglas Development: Patrick Cooper, Compass Design & Development, Hickock Kole, Lawrence Caudle, Director of Housing. Georgia Eastern Development, made a presentation on the Proposed development at Eastern and Georgia Avenues, in SMD 4A02.

i. Paul Millstein

1. 1200 apartments

2. Harris Teeter

3. Summer meeting planned for 2-3 hours

ii. Commissioner and questions included the following:

1. DDOT/Zoning Issues.

2. Office of Planning: Bike share

3. Timeline to break ground is January 2015, compete construction by 3Q 0r 4Q 2016.

4. Commissioners and Community members asked questions regarding parking

5. , transportation studies and cumulative impact of multiple ongoing developments.

d. DDOT. Anthony Jones, DDoT representative, discussed the following: sidewalk, curb issues, tree removal, but stumps remain and tree inspections.

e. District Dept. of Environment & Sustainability (“DDOE”). Dan Guilbeault, of DDoE, distributed written progress reports. The reports state that DDoE has 143 of 166 its goals in process for health and affordability. See website:


a. Little Green Nest (“LGN”). In Commissioner Bennett’s absence, Chair Toliver discussed the suspension of the Neighborhood Cooperation Agreement with LGN. Little Green Nest had cooperation agreement to accept up to 8 children as a compromise when they originally wanted to accept 12. However, LGN has not acted on their BZA application to support the increase from six to eight children. ANC4A is suspending the existing cooperation agreement with LGN, because it is, and has been, operating with less that the statutorily permitted number of children. If LGN increases above six children, then the cooperation agreement will resume.

Chair Toliver moved for approval of the suspension of the Agreement; Commissioner Braxton seconded the motion. Motion approved.

b. Walter Reed Reuse Update. Commissioner Whatley provided information on the following:

i. Deadlines for RFP

ii. LRA presentation: July 18, 7 – 9 pm

iii. Community Action Group Meeting on 7/31 /2013

iv. Public comment period extended to 8/19/20

v. Final proposals late August/early September 2013

vi. ANC4A will have open house week of 7/22 on Walter Reed Development applicants

c. Lightfoot Historic Designation. Commissioner Braxton made a presentation, with the owner of the subject property in attendance, to ANC 4A for approval of the designation. Commissioner Braxton moved for approval of the designation. Commissioner Toliver provided clarifying language. Motion passed.

d. BZA Application No. 18587 – 5714 16th Street, NW. Commissioner Wilson made a presentation regarding the BZA Application for a 3 foot addition to the home and moved for ANC 4A approval. Commissioner Braxton seconded the motion. Motion was unanimously passed.

e. Kalmia Culvert Resolution. Commissioner Anderson moved for approval of a resolution regarding the Kalmia Culvert project. No Commissioner seconded the motion. The motion failed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm.


ANC 4A01 Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson

North Portal Estates, Colonial Village, and portions of Shepherd Park

ANC 4A02 Commissioner Dwayne Toliver, Chair

Shepherd Park

ANC 4A03 Commissioner Stephen A. Whatley, Treasurer

Portions of Shepherd Park and Brightwood

ANC 4A04 Commissioner Marian C. Bennett, Secretary


ANC 4A05 Commissioner Martha H. Mitchell

Fort Stevens and Brightwood

ANC 4A06 Commissioner Karrye Braxton, Vice-Chair


ANC 4A07 Commissioner Dave Wilson

16th Street Heights

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Gale Black

Crestwood, Crestwood North and portions of 16th Street Heights


Respectfully Submitted by,

Karrye Braxton, Vice Chair

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