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MINUTES of October 2, 2012 ANC 4A MEETING

Fort Stevens Recreation Center, Van Buren and 13th Streets, NW, Washington, DC

Roll Call: Commissioners Bennett, Toliver, Whatley, Wilson, Kennedy, Boyd, and Black were in attendance.

Approximately 50 people were in attendance from the community.

Having determined that there was a quorum; Commissioner Toliver called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.


a. AGENDA. Commissioner Whatley moved to accept the agenda of tonight’s meeting. Motion seconded by Commissioner Black. Hearing no objections, the motion was passed unanimously.

b. MINUTES. Commissioner Whatley moved to accept the minutes as amended from the September 11, 2012 meeting. Motion seconded by Commissioner Bennett. Hearing no objections, the motion was passed unanimously.

c. TREASURER’S REPORT. No monthly report this month because of the budget discussions. Commissioner Toliver suggested that Commissioner Whatley go back and scrub the draft budget. The motion to continue temporarily with the current budget was passed unanimously.


a. Councilmember Bowser and Commander Kim Chisley-Missouri.

i. A fatal shooting on September 27, 2012 at the 7400 block of Georgia Avenue occurred at 2:20 AM.

ii. An arrest of a suspect involved in robberies from Florida Avenue to Crestwood. The suspect is being charged with at least two counts of burglary.

iii. There has been an increase in thefts from Autos in Shepherd Park. Commander Chisley-Missouri reminded residents to not leave any valuables in their vehicles.

b. Keith Holman from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement asked all residents to contact him with any concerns or requests. He can be reached at 202-340-7853 or via email at


a. Brightwood resident, Chloe Wood has a petition with 60 signatures supporting a proposed dog park at Ft. Stevens.

i. Frances Taylor 6716 Luzon Avenue is opposed to a dog park. Thinks its fine to have dogs but people come before dogs. Ms. Taylor has not seen a petition and just learned about it this morning.

ii. Heidi Glenn from 6701 Luzon Avenue (house appears in photograph circulated by Chloe Wood) is also opposed. She has lived there 12 years and has two small children. Made point that area is not under utilized.

iii. Verona Gibbons of 16th and Underwood Street. Ms. Gibbons has a petition that has been signed by many members that frequent the facility in the neighborhood that are against a dog park in our area. She is a dog owner but no interested in having a dog park in her neighborhood. Commissioner Toliver asked she get the petition to Commissioner Whatley.

iv. Sheryl Tyler at 1363 Somerset Place NW. Tired of stepping over dog mess on the street in front of her house. Past president of the community. In support of the dog park. Would like to see it cleaned up.

v. 6722 14th Place – Monica G. (see email). Created a petition against the dog park.

vi. Commissioner Whatley will hold a meeting for Brightwood and Shepherd Park residents to discuss a proposed dog park on the old horseshoe field at Fort Stevens Recreation Center.

vii. Councilmember Bowser supports the establishment of another Ward 4 dog park and advised that a sponsoring group would have to maintain the park.

b. Commissioner Marian Bennett announced she will hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss a proposal to expand The Little Green Nest daycare center so it can host 12 children instead of the current six. The change would require a special exception from the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment, which will hold a hearing on the issue on November 13, 2012.

i. Attorney Jason Zeigler addressed the crowd on behalf of the owners.

ii. A representative from Mary’s Center also appeared on behalf of the owners stating there is considerable unmet demand for childcare in this area.

iii. Gerri Adams-Simmons, President-Elect of the Brightwood Community Association, is circulating a petition opposing the change. Ms. Adams-Simmons lives at 6409 13th Street, NW.


a. Commissioner Kennedy reported on Mayor Gray’s recent announcement that the district is seeking public comment on the elimination of 38 Boards & Commissions. Commissioner Kennedy urged residents to visit to learn more about this topic.

b. On October 18, 2012 there will be a Crestwood Association meeting that will include the issue of a two-story addition at 2007 Trumbull Terrace, NW. Commissioner Black feels this is something that should come to the ANC, but we often don’t have the opportunity to weigh in.

c. Commissioner Wilson reported on a recent School Libraries Bill that addresses the 57 public schools serving 16,000 kids with no libraries. Commissioner Wilson will come back at a later time with any other information he learns about the bill.

d. Commissioner Whatley gave summary of what happened with the Lincoln Thomas Day grant request.

e. A community meeting will be held on October 23 to discuss the 16th Street and Military Road and the Kalmia Road Culvert connecting East Beach and West Beach drives. The meeting will take place at the Lowell School at 6:30 PM.

f. The next ANC 4A meeting will be held at 7 PM on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 after Election Day. The Fort Stevens location remains unchanged.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM. Moved by Bennett. Seconded by Wilson


ANC 4A01 Commissioner Karl Kennedy

North Portal Estates, Colonial Village, and portions of Shepherd Park

ANC 4A02 Commissioner Dwayne Toliver, Chair

Shepherd Park

ANC 4A03 Commissioner Stephen A. Whatley, Treasurer

Portions of Shepherd Park and Brightwood

ANC 4A04 Commissioner Marian C. Bennett, Vice Chair


ANC 4A05 Vacant

Fort Stevens and Brightwood

ANC 4A06 Commissioner Kim Boyd, Secretary


ANC 4A07 Commissioner Dave Wilson

16th Street Heights

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Gale Black

Crestwood and Crestwood North


Respectfully Submitted by,

Kim Boyd (ANC 4A06), Secretary

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