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Fort Stevens Recreation Center, Van Buren and 13th Streets, NW, Washington, DC

Roll Call: Commissioners Bennett, Toliver, Whatley, Wilson, Boyd, Kennedy, and Black were in attendance.

Approximately 27 people were in attendance from the community.

Having determined that there was a quorum; Commissioner Toliver called the meeting to order at 7:28 PM.


a. Commissioner Whatley moved that the commissioners accept the minutes from the April 4, 2012 meeting as amended. Motion seconded by Commissioner Wilson. Hearing no objections, the motion was passed unanimously.

b. Discussion of monthly treasurer’s report was tabled due to time limitations and full agenda.

c. Commissioner Toliver asked the commissioners to review the following proposed legislation and respond with comments in one week:

i. Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Empowerment Act of 2012

ii. Public Notice of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Recommendations Amendment Act of 2012

iii. Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Boundaries Temporary Act of 2012

iv. Advisory Neighborhood Commission Residential Facility Notification Amendment Act of 2011

v. Bill by Council Chairman Kwame Brown and Councilmember Mary Cheh: “Career and Technical Education Plan Establishment Act of 2012”

vi. Bill by Councilmember Jack Evans: “Voluntary Agreement Three Strikes Act of 2012”

vii. Bill by Councilmembers Mary Cheh and David Catania: “Water Quality Assurance Amendment Act of 2012”

d. Commissioner Black requested that an agenda item for the June meeting be added concerning a DCRA permit for a two-story addition at 1731 Crestwood Drive NW.


a. Marcy Mistrett, Manager of Amazing Life Games Preschool appeared before the commission requesting a letter of support in favor of a special exception approval in accordance with 205 to continue and enlarge an existing child development center located in Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 4300 16th Street NW. Hearing no objections, Commissioner Toliver moved to adopt a resolution in favor of extending BZA Case #18336/Special Use Variance #17368, originally granted in 2006. Motion seconded by Commissioner Black. All in favor. Motion was unanimously approved. Commissioner Black will electronically transmit letter by May 22.

b. Jeff Newman and Dan Laufer appeared before the commission requesting a letter of support for Lagardere Unlimited on behalf of the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation for the following improvements to the Rock Creek Tennis Center:

i. Raising the light poles from their current height of 40 feet to a new height of 50 feet by replacing them with newer/more energy efficient lighting technologies; and

ii. Converting five (5), existing clay courts to hard courts for year-round use and reduced maintenance [with the understanding and condition that any future court conversion will occur only with the opportunity for comment and input from the residents of ANC 4A].

Commissioner Wilson moved to provide a letter of support. Motion seconded by Commissioner Kennedy. All were in favor. Motion carried.

c. Ernie Marcus of Building Partnerships, LLC appeared before the commission requesting a letter of support for DHCD funding for the renovation of 5940 and 5950 Piney Branch Road. The projected renovation cost will be $100K/unit and tenants will pay no more than 30% of their income. The estimated completion date is 2014. Building Partnerships is searching for temporary housing accommodations in the general neighborhood for tenants during the construction. Commissioner Boyd moved to provide a letter of support to Building Partnerships application for a letter of support. Motion seconded by Commissioner Whatley. All in favor. Unanimously approved. Commissioner Boyd will draft letter of support.

d. Reginald Arno from the District Department of Transportation presented their plans for a 20’ x 9’ Kalmia Road culvert install. The road will be totally closed for six months during construction. Commissioner Toliver suggested an in-depth presentation be made directly to the all communities within 4A because of how significantly this project will impact the neighborhoods. Councilmember Bowser is willing to set up a meeting about this to answer any questions.

e. Douglas Stallworth, Senior Transportation Planner at WMATA presented the proposed improvement options from the Metrobus 14th Street Line Study. The study focused on routes 53, 53, and 54. This corridor was chosen for the study because the combined routes of the 14th street line have one of the highest riderships in the Metrobus system. The last public meeting for the 14th street line study will take place Thursday, June 21 at the WMATA Northern Division Community Room (4627 14th Street NW) from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.


a. WOW Market owner, Woundim S. Demissie, did not appear before the Commission to formally request a letter of support for an ABC license for WOW Market (6226 Georgia Avenue NW).

i. Brightwood resident, Kevin Jenkins (1236 Underwood Street NW) is vehemently opposed to WOW Market being granted a license.

ii. Commissioner Toliver moved that ANC 4A send a contact ABRA advising them that a letter of support will not be sent since the owner did not appear before the commission or the Brightwood Community Association. Motion seconded by Commissioner Boyd. Commissioners Toliver, Boyd, Wilson, Bennett, Whatley, and Black were in favor. Commissioner Kennedy opposed. Motion carried 6 to 1.

b. Commissioner Whatley reported that under the current voluntary agreement with Mayfair Liquors, the establishment is prohibited from selling 2 packs. Commissioner Whatley moved that ANC 4A approve a new voluntary agreement with Mayfair Liquors (4A02 and 4A03) as amended by the commissioners to include the sale of 2 packs. Motion seconded by Commissioner Kennedy. All were in favor. Motion carried.

c. A number of establishments in or near the boundaries of ANC 4A are up for ABC license renewals, including: Cork N Bottle Wine & Spirits (4B01), S&G Wine & Liquors (4D01), Brightwood Liquors (4A06), Jefferson Liquors (4D01), Morris Miller Liquors (4A02), Victor Liquors (4A06), and S&S Liquors (4B07). Commissioner Wilson moved that a letter be sent to ABRA that ANC 4A will take no action on the renewal application because no owner appeared before the Commission or requested support for their application. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Toliver. All in favor. Motion carried.

d. Commissioner Kennedy drafted a letter formally requesting the DC Council Committee of the Whole consider Betty Noel’s nomination to serve in the position of Commissioner on the District’s Public Service Commission. Commissioner Toliver agreed to edit and sign.

e. Commissioner Wilson expressed concern over the DC Budget’s lack of adequate financial resources dedicated to homeless services and affordable housing. Commissioner Toliver moved to send a letter to the Mayor and the Council expressing our request for increased financial support and programs in connection with affordable housing in the district, and to restore the funding of the Housing Production Trust Fund to FY2012 levels. Motion seconded by Commissioner Bennett. All in favor. Motion passed.

f. Commissioner Black expressed concern over the zoning regulation re-write moving quickly to the zoning board and that there is not enough time to understand what is being proposed. Commissioner Black encouraged all commissioners and residents to review the language.

Commissioner Whatley moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:06pm. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Black. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.


ANC 4A01 Commissioner Karl Kennedy

North Portal Estates, Colonial Village, and portions of Shepherd Park

ANC 4A02 Commissioner Dwayne Toliver, Chair

Shepherd Park

ANC 4A03 Commissioner Stephen A. Whatley, Treasurer

Portions of Shepherd Park and Brightwood

ANC 4A04 Commissioner Marian C. Bennett, Vice Chair


ANC 4A05 Vacant

Fort Stevens and Brightwood

ANC 4A06 Commissioner Kim Boyd, Secretary


ANC 4A07 Commissioner Dave Wilson

16th Street Heights

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Gale Black

Crestwood, Crestwood North and portions of 16th Street Heights


Respectfully Submitted by,

Kim Boyd (ANC 4A06), Secretary

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