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MINUTES of December 6, 2011 ANC 4A MEETING

Fort Stevens Recreation Center, Van Buren and 13th Streets, N.W., Washington, DC

Roll Call: In attendance were Commissioners Black, Bennett, Whatley, Wilson, Boyd and Snow-Israel, and Toliver. Absent was Commissioner Kennedy.

Approximately 12 persons were in attendance from the community.

Having determined that there was a quorum; Commissioner Whatley called the meeting to order at 7:21pm.


a) Commissioner Whatley entertained a motion for approval of the agenda. Commissioner Bennett moved to accept and was seconded by Commissioner Wilson. Motion carried.

b) Commissioner Whatley entertained a motion for approval of the minutes from May through November 2011. Commissioner Toliver moved to accept and was seconded by Commissioner Whatley. All in favor. Motion carried.

c) Commissioner Black moved for approval of the monthly report of financial activity for the period of November 1, 2011 to December 1, 2011 showing an ending balance of $62,151.62 in checking. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Bennett. All in favor. Motion carried.

d) Commissioner Black moved for approval of the quarterly report ending September 30, 2011. All in favor. Motion carried.


a) PEPCO (Donna Cooper, Regional Vice President)

i. On July 8, 2011, Pepco filed an application for a rate increase (Formal Case No. 1087) with the DC Public Service Commission requesting an additional $42.1 million in distribution rates. Ms. Cooper was able to address most, but not all, of the questions submitted in advance of the meeting. Some takeaway points included:

ñ There are no specific underground projects identified within the rate increase request.

ñ Vegetation management services (i.e., tree trimming) are contracted out, but overseen by Pepco employees.

ñ There are no opt-out provisions as it pertains to smart meter installation. A total of 220,000 smart meters have been installed throughout the city, with a remaining 50,000 projected to be installed by early January 2012.

ñ Pepco claims that all smart meters are in compliance with FCC standards concerning radio frequency exposure. Pepco commissioned calculations prepared by radio frequency exposure assessment experts which concluded smart meter RF levels are less than those authorized by the FCC.

ñ Commissioner Wilson asked what the benefits of smart meters were. Smart meters are one component of a broader network of improvements within the smart grid. The smart meter is a digital device that will provide customers better information to allow them to manage their energy usage. It will also significantly lower the number of estimated bills going out for inaccessible meters. Furthermore, Smart meters enable Pepco to know when there are power outages and when power has been restored.

b) Office of the People's Counsel (Lawrence Daniels)

i. The OPC plans to file testimony on December 14, 2011 requesting the Public Service Commission dismiss Pepco's rate case in its entirety and require the company to demonstrate it is providing reliable service as a basic condition of its regulatory obligation to provide reasonable utility service. The Commission will host a community hearing in each Ward of the city prior to issuing its decision expected in the spring of 2012. To learn the date, times, and location of each community hearing, visit Some takeaway points included:

ñ The OPC receives daily requests from consumers about an opt-out provision for smart meter installation. A press release is forthcoming about people having an opportunity to voice for/against smart meter installs.

ñ Commissioner Boyd asked if it was safe to assume that DC residents will definitely see a rate increase. The OPC answered yes, but the amount is yet to be determined.

ñ Baruti Jahi asked if the OPC has won a case against Pepco in the last five years. Pepco has requested hire amounts in the past and received less based on the involvement of the OPC.

ñ Both OPC and Pepco will provide ANC 4A with a public version of their testimony.

ñ ANC 4A will table any action on the case until next month when the commission has had the benefit of reviewing the testimony of Pepco and the OPC.

c) Brightwood Community Association (Anthony Briggs, President)

i. The BCA Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2011 from 7-9pm at Fort Stevens Recreation Center and asks for $$1,258.00 in grant support for venue, advertising, and decoration costs.

ii. The Chair entertained a motion for ANC 4A to grant the BCA $1258 for use at its holiday festival. The motion was so moved by Commissioner Black and seconded by Commissioner Snow-Israel. All were in favor. The motion carried with an instruction to indicate the association is a nonprofit organization on the application.

d) 14th Street Corridor Vision & Revitalization (Gizachew Andargeh)

i. The plan will analyze land use, public realm and market potential for three commercial nodes along 14th Street: Node (Spring Road to Shepherd Street), Node 2 (Webster to Decatur Street), and Node 3 (Jefferson to Longfellow Street). This plan is being revised and will be ready for public comment in the next 2-3 weeks. At this point, there are no designated funds for this plan. If the bus barn is redeveloped under this plan, an environmental study will be conducted.

e) BZA Renewal for Washington Ethical Society (Rev. Amanda Poppei)

i. The three year zoning approval from the BZA for Wonders Child Care to operate out of WES will expire in March 2012. Now, the WES seeks a letter of support from the ANC in their renewal application (BZA Case No. 18335) for a new (yet to be named) daycare to operate under the same neighborhood agreement and conditions.

ii. Commissioner Toliver moved that ANC 4A submit a letter of support of the BZA application of the Washington Ethical Society (WES) for a zoning adjustment for the maximum period allowable subject to WES's compliance with the terms of the community agreement executed by WES and certain community residents, which agreement was made a condition to this ANC's prior approval. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Bennett. All were in favor - Motion carried.


a) Georgia Avenue Food Barn (Commissioner Whatley)

i. ANC 4B recommended that the Georgia Avenue Food Barn be allowed to become a full-fledged liquor store.

ii. ANC 4A, an affected ANC, decided not to vote on the issue since the ANC in which the Georgia Avenue Food Barn is located (ANC 4B) voted to support the substantial change.

b) Zoning Commission Meeting – December 22, 2011 (Commissioner Black)

i. ANC 4A moved that the redistricting subcommittee (DC Council) follow the recommendations of the Ward 4 Task Force to preserve the Ward 4 boundaries and that no part of Ward 4 should be given to any other ward.

c) No DC Residents on MLK Advisory Panel (Commissioner Whatley)

i. ANC 4A moved to submit a letter to the Council concerning the issue of no DC residents on the MLK Advisory Panel.

d) ANC 4A Bylaws (Commissioner Bennett)

i. Commissioners Bennett, Black, and Wilson have met and are in the process of updating the current bylaws. Amended bylaws will be ready for January 2012 meeting.


a) Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Douglas Stallworth)

i. The Senior Transportation Planner from the Office of Bus Planning announced that Metro will be conducting a survey in January of the 14th Street Bus Service (52, 53, and 54).

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


ANC 4A01 Commissioner Karl Kennedy
North Portal Estates, Colonial Village, and portions of Shepherd Park

ANC 4A02 Commissioner Dwayne Toliver
Shepherd Park

ANC 4A03 Commissioner Stephen A. Whatley, Chair
Portions of Shepherd Park and Brightwood

ANC 4A04 Commissioner Marian C. Bennett, Vice Chair

ANC 4A05 Commissioner Habieba Snow-Israel
Fort Stevens and Brightwood

ANC 4A06 Commissioner Kim Boyd, Secretary

ANC 4A07 Commissioner Dave Wilson
16th Street Heights

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Gale Black, Treasurer
Crestwood, Crestwood North and portions of 16th Street Heights


Respectfully Submitted by,

Kim Boyd (ANC 4A06), Secretary

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