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PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, §48, page 468, the minutes of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A are a record of the actions taken by the Commission, not a record of what people said during the meeting. Accordingly, comments made by commissioners or members of the public will not be recorded in detail in the minutes.

The meeting was held Virtually through WebEx. Chair Black called the meeting to order at around 7:05 pm. A quorum was present, including: Chair Gale Black; Vice Chair Phyllis Green, Commissioner 4A01, Commissioner 4A02 Stacey Lincoln, Secretary Stephen Whatley, Commissioner 4A03, Commissioner 4A04 Patience Singleton, Treasurer Commissioner 4A06 Candace Nelson, and 4A07 Marlene Moss. A quorum was present for all votes. ANC 4A currently has a vacancy for SMD 4A05.

1. Approval of Administrative Matters (Agenda, Minutes, and Consent Agenda)

• Approval of the agenda as amended without was moved by Commissioner Nelson – Seconded by Commissioner Singleton. Approved without objection.
• Approval of the November 2020 minutes as amended was moved by Commissioner Whatley – Seconded by Commissioner Moss. Approved 7 Ayes, 0 Nays -without objection.

2. Community concerns

Residents raised community concerns, including
a. Potential closure of the Juanita Thornton Library
b. Visitor Parking Permit – DDOT responsibility
c. Speeding in ANC 4A – Speed cameras – DDOT responsibilities

3. Resolutions and Letters:

1. 4A-12-01-20-01 – Resolution to Support the Annual Report. Moved Commissioner Black seconded by Commissioner Whatley. Approved 7 Ayes, 0 Nays - without opposition.
2. 4A-12-01-20-02 – Resolution Commending Sherryl Newman for outstanding constituent
During her tenure as Chief of Staff to Councilmember Brandon Todd. Moved by Commissioner Whatley. Seconded by Commissioner Black. Approved Aye 6 – Nay 0 – Abstain 0.
3. 4A-12-01-20-03 - Resolution Commending Gabrielle Priest for outstanding constituent
Service during her tenure as Ward 4 MOCR Mayor Muriel Bowser. Moved by Commissioner Whatley. Seconded by Commissioner Black. Approved Aye 7 – Nay 0 – Abstain 0.
4. 4A-12-01-20-04 - Resolution Commending Commissioner Gale Black for outstanding service during her tenure as ANC 4A08, as well as, serving as Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer of ANC 4A. Moved by Commissioner Nelson. Seconded by Commissioner Moss. Approved Aye 6 – Nay 0 – Abstain 1 (Commissioner Black).
5. 4A-12-01-20-05 - Resolution Supporting DCHC Funding for Abram’s Hall Senior Assisted Living. Moved by Commissioner Whatley. Seconded by Commissioner Moss. Approved Aye 3 – Nay 2 (Commissioners Black and Lincoln)– Abstain 2 (Commissioners Nelson and Singleton).
6. 4A-12-01-20-06 - Resolution Supporting return of vocational training to DCPS and DC charter schools. Moved by Commissioner Singleton. Seconded by Commissioner Nelson. Approved Aye 7 – Nay 0 – Abstain 0.

4 . Presentations and Reports

a. Lt. Fitzgerald gave the report for the Metropolitan Police Department, Fourth District, and reported on current law enforcement issues in ANC 4A. A key point was a fugitive from justice was still missing.
b. Keyshawn Harris representing the office of the Mayor spoke of upcoming events. Key point – COVID 19 Phase 2 adjustments are in place.
c. Ms. Sheryl Newman, representing Councilmember Todd, gave an update on issues of concern to Ward 4. Key point – Unemployment benefit extension through December 2020.
d. Mr. Frazer O’Leary – spoke on Education issues. Key point – CARES classrooms students in classrooms but teachers teaching virtually.
e. Commissioner Whatley moved that the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by Chair Black and passed without objection.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 PM.


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