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Fort Stevens Recreation Center, 13th and Van Buren Streets NW, Washington, DC

Commissioners Anderson (4A01), Black (4A08), Bennett (4A04), Braxton (4A06), Mitchell (4A05), Toliver (4A02), Whatley (4A03), and Wilson (4A07) were in attendance.

Approximately 30 stakeholders attended the meeting. At 7:08pm, a quorum was established and the meeting commenced.

Commissioner Wilson moved to approve the agenda for tonight’s meeting, and seconded by Commissioner Toliver. Hearing no opposition, the agenda was approved.

Chairman Toliver provided copies of the DC Council Legislative Summary dated May 7, 2013 and the schedule of hearings for the week beginning May 6 – July 2, 2013. All hearings are subject to change and the public is encouraged to visit the DC council website for more information.

Commissioner Whatley moved to approve the minutes as amended from ANC 4A’s April 2, 2013 meeting, and Commissioner Toliver seconded the motion, which was approved without opposition.

Commissioner Toliver formally recognized Martha Mitchell as the new ANC for SMD 4A05.

Commissioner Whatley provided a summary of receipts and disbursements for the Quarterly Report period covered January – March 2013. The checking account balance is $22,158.58. The savings account balance is $40,242.00.

Commissioner Whatley reported that he met with the office of the DC Auditor to discuss the entries and substance of the report prior to its submission.

Commissioner Whatley moved for acceptance of the Quarterly Report, and seconded by Commissioner Bennett. The following was the roll call vote on the motion:

Anderson Abstain

Black Yes

Bennett Yes

Braxton Yes

Toliver Yes

Whatley Yes

Wilson Yes

The motion carried.

Commissioner Toliver moved that in light of approval of the Quarterly Report, Commissioner Whatley be authorized to forward the report to the DC Auditor and file appropriately with documentation, and seconded by Commissioner Wilson. The motion was unanimously approved.


Ms. Delores Bondurant (a resident of Shepherd Park) requested an ANC Resolution pertaining to a development in south Silver Spring of a proposed apartment complex. There is a meeting scheduled for May 16th to make a final decision for or against the green space.

Former ANC, Jourdinia Brown, reported that a letter has already been sent to the councilmember concerning this development and now requests that a letter from ANC 4A be sent to the Montgomery County Planning Department in support of green space in lieu of the proposed 7-story apartment complex.

Commissioner Anderson moved that ANC 4A submit a letter in support of green space addressed to the planning commission, as well as the chair of the city council, and ask our councilmember to sign off on the letter. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Whatley and unanimously approved. Commissioner Toliver will testify and draft a letter.

Ms. Patience Singleton asked that Commissioner Bennett address the following questions during her presentation on The Little Green Nest:

1. How many violations?

2. What fines are being assessed?

3. What organizations are receiving donations?

4. Will neighbors be provided information on cars owners who violate the traffic agreement?

Mr. Mazi Mutafa, Executive Director of Words Beats & Life ( This small non-profit acts as arts consultant to the Department of Public Works on program called MuralsDC started in 2007. The Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School (1375 Missouri Avenue NW) has submitted their wall for consideration for participation in the program.

There’s a 6 step process involved:

Submit the Wall.
Come to a community meeting to let people know that a property owner has expressed interest in participating in MuralsDC.
Ask if anyone in the community is interested in joining a focus group to generate ideas for a Mural.
The ideas are given to the artist to develop a sketch.
A meeting will be held at DPW to review the designs with the ANC and property owner.
Members of the community are invited to vote on the final design.

Commissioner Whatley requested that Mr. Mutafa provide the ANC with additional information to post on the Brightwood listserv in Commissioner Braxton’s SMD.

Monica Goletiani, President of the Brightwood Community Association announced that ABRA (Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration) will appear at the BCA meeting on Tuesday, May 14th at 7PM at St. Johns United Baptist Church (13th and Tuckerman).

ABRA was invited to address the growing concerns about the increase in alcohol sales, recent changes to legislation in the district, how the ABRA Board works with licensing of alcohol sales establishments, and how community residents and associations can do to be involved in the process either for or against.


Ms. Joy Holland, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Muriel Bowser presented on the following:

All interested individuals are invited to attend the budget markup with the chair of the economic development committee tomorrow (May 8th) at 3PM in Room 500.

The Chairman is having his own budget meetings on May 14th and 15th starting at 9:00am. All interested individuals are invited attend. This will also be live streamed as well as on cable TV.

Saturday, May 11th is “Run with Muriel – 5K!” Call office for details.

Save the date for June 15th for the Annual family Fun Day. Location TBD.

Scheduled work on the 16th Street and Military Road Bridge and Kalmia Culvert has been pushed back to September and October 2013.

Commissioner Black attended Ward 4 meeting with DCWASA that the councilmember had convened regarding contamination. Commissioner Black advised against asking the Department of Justice if DC could get out of the consent decree [court order] pertaining to Rock Creek and Piney Branch Creek as it would not benefit Ward 4.

Mr. Michael Sindram stated that he wrote to Councilmember Bowser in 2011 and has not received a reply to date.

Ms. Nadine Parker, Director of the DC Prevention Center for Wards 3 &4. This prevention center is funded by the Department of Health and is designed to work collectively throughout the community to educate residents on substance abuse issues within our community.

Reginald Williamson, Staff Attorney for the Community Defender Division announced that the Public Defender’s Community Reentry and Expungement Summit 2013 will be held at the DC Convention Center on Tuesday, June 4 from 10am – 2pm.

The Summit is a place where people can come who’ve had contact with the criminal justice system and whose record is getting in the way of them smoothly reentering the community. Attendees can receive free legal consultation and there will be a host of representatives from a number of community service organizations throughout the district.

Commissioner Black spoke in support of the historic landmark nomination of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (4300 16th Street NW – Case #13-04). Commissioner Braxton moved that ANC 4A support this nomination, and seconded by Commissioner Whatley. In full disclosure, Commissioner Toliver made clear that Commissioner Black is a member of the church and that past ANC 4A meetings have been held there.

The following was the roll call vote on the motion:

Anderson Yes

Black Abstain

Bennett Yes

Braxton Yes

Toliver Yes

Whatley Yes

Wilson Yes

The motion carried.

Commissioner Braxton spoke in support of the Concord Apartments’ Tenant Association in their preservation and redevelopment project of 81 units of affordable housing at 5807-5825 14th Street NW, Washington, DC. Commissioner Toliver disclosed that he represented the development company (NexDevco) when working at Nixon Peabody and would abstain from voting in the interest of fairness. Commissioner Whatley moved that ANC 4A approve the letter to be sent regarding the Concord Apartments’ Tenant Association as amended, and seconded by Commissioner Bennett.

The following was the roll call vote on the motion:

Anderson Yes

Black Yes

Bennett Yes

Braxton Yes

Toliver Abstain

Whatley Yes

Wilson Yes

The motion carried.

Verizon representative, Mario Acosto Velez appeared with other colleagues as part of a city-wide effort to reach increase community outreach to address concerns regarding Verizon service. Mr. Velez serves as the primary point of contact for elected government officials in the District and can be reached at 202-515-2580.

Commissioner Toliver inquired about the availability of FIOS within the Shepherd Park neighborhood. FIOS availability is not based by Ward, but by address and the central office. To find out if you are eligible for FIOS service, you must

Ms. Jamie Eaddy is the DC District Manager for Verizon who heads a newly formed customer care team to address all issues residents have. Ms. Eaddy can be reached by phone at 202-636-0403; and email at VZ.DCCARES@VERIZON.COM.

Commissioner Black asked if Verizon has responded to the various concerns and issues submitted by residents to the Office of the People’s Counsel at the recent formal hearing. All of the public filings that were made as a result of the case brought by OPC have been submitted to the PSC which will issue an order some time in the near future.

Commissioner Bennett provided a status update on the compliance between The Little Green Nest (“LGN”) with the neighborhood cooperation agreement entered into by LGN and the ANC 4A.

Provision 1 – Driver will not drive through or into any of the Tuckerman Streets between 13th and 14th Street NW alleys to either pick up or drop off children. In reviewing the file of complaints from the residents, there were no complaints to be found concerning this.
Provision 2 – A placard must be placed in the windshield of motor vehicles used to bring the children to and from the center. This had several complaints (7 in February 2013). According to the owners, these violations were due to a misunderstanding on their part as to when the agreement was to take effect. Commissioner Bennett suggested to the center that they enlarge the placards to increase visibility.
Provision 3 – Staff must be posted at certain times in the morning and evening to direct drivers to park legally when walking the children to and from the center. There have been no written complaints about improper parking. The only complaint about the posting is that no staff have been witnessed on the street directing traffic. This point is in contention and Commissioner Bennett suggests a committee be formed to mediate.

Ms. Patience Singleton inquired why no fines have been assessed since the LGN has violated certain provisions of the agreement and urged that they be held accountable.

Commissioner Whatley provided an update on Walter Reed LRA and Development:

1. The LRA has published a PowerPoint presentation of the results of the ULI TAP April 1-2, 2013 meetings for your information. Commissioner Whatley will provide a link online.

2. There have been five developers selected as candidates to become the master developer. A Community Open House to meet these developers has been proposed for mid-July.

3. The TAP presentation concerning the preliminary ideas for interim use is available at

4. Councilmember Muriel Bowser has proposed legislation to expand the CAG from the 6 participants named by the Mayor to include more people.

5. ANC 4A will have great weight in the decision-making process.

6. The WR Small Area Plan has been approved and includes the 7-story building that we opposed at the corner of 16th and Aspen.

7. There are no plans for a rise in property taxes in the immediate area.

Commissioner Anderson announced that ANC 4A01 has invited all five of the Walter Reed Master Developer candidates to the May 13th SMD 4A01 meeting at 7PM at the Washington Ethical Society. Residents were encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.


ANC 4A01 Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson

North Portal Estates, Colonial Village, and portions of Shepherd Park

ANC 4A02 Commissioner Dwayne Toliver, Chair

Shepherd Park

ANC 4A03 Commissioner Stephen A. Whatley, Treasurer

Portions of Shepherd Park and Brightwood

ANC 4A04 Commissioner Marian C. Bennett, Secretary


ANC 4A05 Commissioner Martha Mitchell


ANC 4A06 Commissioner Karrye Braxton, Vice-Chair


ANC 4A07 Commissioner Dave Wilson

16th Street Heights

ANC 4A08 Commissioner Gale Black

Crestwood, Crestwood North and portions of 16th Street Heights


Respectfully Submitted by,

Marian Bennett (ANC 4A04), Secretary

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